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This archive holds the publications of the Visitor Studies Association.  The archive contains the entire run of Visitor Studies: Theory, Research, and Practice (Proceedings of the 1988-1996 Visitor Studies Association Conference), Visitor Behavior (1986-1997), and Visitor Studies Today (1998-2006).  The archive also contains conference abstracts from the annual Visitor Studies Association Conference (1998 to the present), and C.G. Screven’s Visitor Studies bibliography and Abstracts (4th Ed., 1999).

While the archive contains the full holdings of the Visitor Studies Association, to enhance access, many of the full-length articles have been transferred to the Informal Science repository.  You may search this archive for any holdings.  If your search takes you to an article deposited in the Informal Science repository, you will be linked to the IS repository and may retrieve the full article there.  We encourage you to make full use of the Informal Science repository since it contains many additional article of use to visitor studies researchers.  The transfer of articles was made possible by the National Science Foundation (NSF award #0610348)


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